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Reviews and Letters ...

About our CAPA system for a medical device manufacturer...

This application supplies a critical piece in an organizations Quality Management System (QMS). It implements Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) as the pivotal component in the cluster of activities around the organizations goal of continual improvement.

From the Customer:

We have worked with the [CAPA] software for over 3 years and have found it extremely valuable in terms of meeting both our ISO 9000 and FDA/MDD quality systems requirements. Perhaps more important, the CAPA system, because it is integrated with our accounting and customer contact systems contributes significantly to our operating procedures and thus has paid for itself many times over in terms of both operating efficiency and document control.

Over the last three years we have been audited a number of times by ITS, our quality system registrar, the FDA, and OSHA. In every case the auditors have described our CAPA system as the best and most effective they have seen.

From a senior independent auditor: 

Mr. Carpenters CAPA system ... not only meets the requirements of the standard, but also serves as a focal point for product and service improvement. In this respect it stands head and shoulders above most systems I have seen in place in small and medium-sized companies

About our Mental Retardation MIS system for the State of Maine ...

This application models the delivery of community-based services for persons with mental retardation. Developed on a pre-Windows platform and migrated to Windows, it served approximately 5000 of Maines citizens for a period of nine years before it was migrated again to become part of an enterprise-wide Web/Java/Oracle application, a project to which Commonwealth Software contributed.

From an independent reviewing organization, The Center for Outcome Analysis:

One of our first and foremost findings: DMHMRSAS MIS is elegant, it is compact in terms of the equipment needed to run it, it was designed quickly and implemented quickly, it targets the intent of the Community Consent Decree with regard to tracking needs and unmet needs, ... It is our strong opinion that the creators and supporters of the MIS should be congratulated for their speed, dedication and diligence. ... We believe that the small, entrepreneurial, flexible, and friendly elements of this MIS should be preserved and supported in the future...

This MIS should be treasured and preserved. It is an admirable accomplishment, and places Maines DMHMRSAS far ahead of most state systems in its ability to track and examine service user characteristics, services needed and services received.



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