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COMMONWEALTH SOFTWARE specializes in original programming for Windows-based personal computers, delivering full solutions on schedule, with a professional level of quality, at reasonable cost, and with friendly, capable and highly available support. 

Our approach originates with existing processes – paper forms, data tables, spreadsheets, older applications, or a large enterprise application that lacks a needed feature, and fills the gaps between systems you already have and the functionality you need. 

Often the application can begin operating in a short time as a working prototype that both accomplishes the most urgently-needed tasks and also provides a platform on which further development can be evaluated and built. As work continues, components can be added in the order in which the need for them is most strongly felt. 

This incremental, phased, iterative approach allows the system to be successful and to provide return on investment from an early stage, and improves the accuracy of cost estimates at every stage.

Much of the power of an iterative method depends on the developer’s ability to carry out the challenging task of periodically “refactoring” the system as it grows – reorganizing it to keep it clean and modular. COMMONWEALTH SOFTWARE has an extended history of refactoring and of migrating a system’s data seamlessly from one phase to the next.


1. Programming — Custom Windows programs written in Microsoft Visual BASIC, typically using a relational database for data storage and networked for multi-user operation. This is our core competency, and our programs have been assisting people in their daily work for a decade and a half. We can build an evolving system which develops at a pace that suits both the organization’s needs and the evolving skills of its operators.

2. Documentation — A Commonwealth Software application is generally supplied with well-commented source code and an easy-to-read, fully-illustrated user manual, complete with detailed technical appendices.

3. Databases — Relational databases and database applications and analysis tools can be designed using Visual BASIC, Lotus Approach or Microsoft Access and/or your server-based DBMS, modeling a few or many of your organization’s activities.

4. Data analysis — Using Lotus Approach, COGNOS, Oracle Reports, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, Excel, reporting processes and applications can provide vital metrics for your organization’s activities based on live connectivity with your data.

5. Migration — Older custom programs and analytical tools can be adapted or migrated to operate on a newer platform.

6. Rescue — Custom programs that need updating or never worked right can be examined and made to work, readying them for further development. Older, dysfunctional programs often contain valuable ideas that incorporate the effort put into their development. Poorly-documented systems can be re-documented.



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Modified: November 04, 2010